Sissy Blackmail Game

sissydiaperfagThis sissy diaper faggot really hates when Insta-Domme types try to take his money for no reason. He doesn’t like a domme unless she knows what she is doing… Well he’s found MISS LEXIE.  Let the Games BEGIN.

Sissy Fembot


Hypnosis and sissification just go together. There’s no real way around it. Erotic hypnosis is used for a transformation, isn’t it? That’s why it is so amazingly hot whenever you get a sissy hypnosis recording.  When you click the button below, you will be taken to Niteflirt to get the change to buy TWO Fembot MP3s where I transform you into the perfect Sissified PET.




Sissy Audio Porn

Welcome to Sissy Audio PORN! Please don’t mind the mess as we get everything cleaned up and organized around here. This website will be for those who want to purchase custom sissy mp3s… and the inner girl is just dying to come out.