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Wanting to get fucked up and Call GODDESS LEXIE?
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You can find all of Goddess Lexie’s Goodies and MP3s:

I am also often on my email and yahoo messenger. My email is TheSororityGirl @ Yahoo . com. It’s simple.

My Yahoo MESSENGER name is also very simple. It’s TheSororityGirl .

You can also contact me on gmail at TheSororityBrat @ Gmail . com …..

The best way to initiate contact with me is to purchase an MP3 through niteflirt and then start emailing through Niteflirt. It’s easy. It allows me to bill you. It allows me to start the temptation and downward spiral.

Niteflirt has been around for close to 20 years. It’s a trusted website that accumulates all the sissy, fetishy porn you could dream of.

What MP3 do I recommend first? Try this one:

I understand going down the rabbit hole with a new Domme can be scary, intimidating, and weird at first… but NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, understands the sissy fetish quite as well as me. I also adore doing custom mp3s geared towards your sissification.

My ultimate goal is to bring you to your knees and transform you for forever.

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