Cheap and FREE Sissy Training MP3s

For a free Sissy Training MP3 click the IMAGE below. It will go directly to download. No games. No issues. No nothing. This is just you becoming the sissy whore you dream to be. It’s slow, methodical sissy hypnosis and brainwashing leading to feminization.

If you’re new to Goddess Lexie, you need to be aware that I am one of the TOP Sissy Hypnotists on the internet. I push my sissies. I play games with my sissies. I make sure that you understand how important your transformation is. I make sure you understand that you will NEED ME, ADORE ME, CRAVE me for forever.

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You will be buying this MP3 from Niteflirt. It’s one of the oldest phone sex and digital fetish delivery sites on the internet. Completely trusted.  I’ve been on here for 11 years. I adore sissy transformations and transforming my beta bitch pets with sissification. Do NOT forget how badly you need to be transformed and changed for Goddess.  Let the sissy games begin!


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